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Piper Aircraft, Inc AD 2020-26-16 -

Piper Aircraft, Inc | FAA AD 2020-26-16

AD 2020-26-16

Our facility is located near Boise, Idaho at KEUL – Caldwell, Idaho.

The Flight Doctor has completed numerous Piper Wing Spar inspections and our team knows the in’s and out’s of dealing with this inspection. We utilize the most recent certified Eddy Current instrumentation and have we also have the experience to repair or replace any issues that may be discovered. Our experience with quality FAA-designated DAR’s and structural repairs provide the peace of mind your aircraft will receive the best care possible.

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Perhaps you just need some advice and information about your Piper Aircraft as it relates to this FAA Airworthiness Directive?  If so, we are happy to assist you and spend time on a phone call or via email (your preference) to help provide you with the right information and path.

If you have some simple questions about this AD or want help to validate if your aircraft requires this AD.  We can help validate the requirement, or simply walk you through our process and how we test, typical timelines, and our repair services should they be needed.

We just ask that you pay $10 with PayPal and then we will contact you within 2 hours.  



Below are a few images of our inspections on one of many pipers adherent to this FAA Airworthiness Directive

Model Serial numbers

PA-28-151 All serial numbers

PA-28-161 All serial numbers except 2842006

PA-28-181 All serial numbers

PA-28-235 All serial numbers

PA-28R-180 All serial numbers

PA-28R-200 All serial numbers except 28R-7235151

PA-28R-201 All serial numbers except 2844029, 2844030, 2844081, 2844125, 2844136, 2844147 through 2844151, 28R-7737078, 28R-7737142, 28R-7837108, 28R-7837125, and 28R-7837257

PA-28R-201T  All serial numbers

PA-28RT-201 All serial numbers

PA-28RT-201T All serial numbers

PA-32-260 All serial numbers

PA-32-300 All serial numbers

PA-32R-300 All serial numbers

PA-32RT-300 All serial numbers except 32R-7985004

PA-32RT-300T All serial numbers

Recent Eddy Current Images and Repair

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